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About Us

Learn to Succeed is a non-profit organization aimed at investing in youth and students from disadvantaged areas and empowering personal excellence, as a key to self-fulfillment and economic independence. Currently, the association consist of numerous volunteers all over the country, driven by mutual responsibility, sense of mission, and the aspiration to lead a significant change in the lives of many youth from the social, economical and geographical periphery of the State of Israel.

Recently, the association completed a crowdfunding project, through which it raised over 150,000 NIS for its various activities and projects for the benefit of youth at risk and students from challenging backgrounds.

Our Contributions

Producing Youtube videos

The videos will concisely and briefly present the main subjects included in the syllabus of Learn to Succeed, with the help of vivid visual techniques.

Publishing the book
"Learn to Succeed"

The book presents the main tools given by the mentors and lecturers of Learn to Succeed, and will be distributed in stores in early 2019. Thousands of copies will be given for youth at risk.

The "Learn to Succeed" Hotline

An online platform for questions and advice requests, provided to a community of hundreds of youth and parents. This service is provided by the association’s volunteers in its Facebook page, 24 hours a day.

Lectures and workshops

Lectures in various subjects are given in schools, companies and institutions for teenagers and adults all across the country. The lectures are dealing with excellence, self-fulfillment and both mental and practical tools for success, while presenting the outstanding personal stories of the lecturers.

Personal and group mentoring

Our mentors team consists  of students from STEM, with an outstanding educational experience and  personal background. The students were selected after a strict sorting process and underwent thorough training. They serve as significant, dominant adults and role models for their apprentices.


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